About Us

Easy Greenhouses CC was formed in 2004 to bring DIY greenhouse kits to the market in South Africa. Over the past 16 years, we have been providing excellent products and services to the marketplace.

Our greenhouses are used primarily in backyard gardens where people are nurturing their pride plants, such as orchids, or providing food for their families by growing their own vegetables at home. Our greenhouses provide insulation and protection all year round extending your growing season!

Universities and private businesses also find them invaluable for the biological testing of species or substances to combat disease. NGO’s and community-based projects use them to increase their growing seasons and provide seedlings for farming.

The greenhouses are all made of high-quality products, in factories that conform to ISO 9000 quality standards. The glazing panels are all made from twin-walled polycarbonate, which is UV treated on the outside to protect the plants inside and diffuse the light for best plant growth. They are rigid and unbreakable under normal conditions. They withstand hail and snow and provide insulation making it easier to control the climate inside the greenhouse.

It is now easier than ever to build your own greenhouse! No special tools are needed. Each unit comes with an assembly Manual that guides you with text and illustrations. Extensions to the Grand Gro greenhouse model can be added at a future date, should you decide you want a larger greenhouse.

They feature easy-to-operate sliding doors, and roof vents are included with every model to provide air circulation and heat control. Unique automatic openers can be added to the vents to automatically control the opening and closing according to temperature requirements. These operate with an oil-based piston, so no electricity is required. Fantastic features!

Our greenhouses, also referred to as Hothouses, are lightweight, safe, and attractively designed.

As an e-commerce business, we do not have any physical stores but you can view our greenhouses at Montebello Design Centre in Newlands, Cape Town, or at Love in a Bowl in Hout Bay, Cape Town. All greenhouse products can be couriered anywhere in Southern Africa. 

Whether you are in a townhouse or on a large plot, we have many options to choose from. Greenhouses enable you to extend your growing seasons or manage the climate for all year round growing, particularly for specialty variety plants, such as Orchids, Bonzai, Clivias, Roses, etc, where it is best to mimic the natural environment for those plants.

We absolutely love helping our clients become more sustainable by growing their own vegetables in their back garden or helping avid gardeners extend their growing season and be able to create perfect environments for plants such as orchids. We know that you will love your greenhouse just as much as we do. Get in contact with us today by dropping an email or give us a call to find out more! 

Look forward to hearing from you!

The Easy Greenhouses Team!